Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cumberbatch Problem.

So, I've been reading the Sherlock Holmes stories, finally. They're awesome, as I knew they would be. So far Hound of the Baskervilles is my favorite, which was predictable. I eat up that gothic shit. But all this reading has forced me (FORCED ME, I TELL YOU) to rewatch Sherlock, the latest BBC take on Holmes. If you haven't watched it yet (dear, imaginary reader), you need to get on that. The writing is smart and funny and the acting is superb across the board.

Take Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, for instance.

Those are totally his real eyes.

Smoking isn't cool, kids! I just put this picture in so we could all admire his MAGNIFICENT hair.

Can we just imagine he's the dude (sorry, the bloke) we meet at a really boring fancy party? He steals a bottle of Jack Daniels from the bar and off we go on an adventure straight out of a booze commercial? Except he's way less douchey than the guys in those?

He grew those sideburns for War Horse. Dammit, I have to see that thing now.

Suck it, Downey Jr.

Jim Moriarty. Best. Villain. Ever.

Wears suits like a boss.
Yeah, this isn't a post of substance. Obviously. Just go watch the show. Thank me later.

All photos taken from Thanks guys! :)

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